How do you do it?

I’m always asked “how do you do it?” How do you balance work, teaching, family, kids activities, simple things like cooking or washing the clothes, your research, taking the dog out, and now this book? How do you do it all? couple-holding-hands

Just last night I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and the first thing out of her mouth was – “OK tell me all about the book.” So I did. Then she shook her head and said “How. Do. You. Do. It?”

My husband. That was my answer. And it’s true. He’s how I am able to do all I do.

I know I’m fortunate, blessed, and one of the lucky ones. My husband has always supported me in any adventure I’ve wanted to take. One night back in 2006 I had a dream about starting my own company. So we did. From a dream people, we launched our company. He stood with me through every aspect from creating the logo, to going to trade shows, to talking to the media… you name it and he was right there with me.

From starting our own business to throwing myself into a Ph.D. program to now writing this book – he has cheered me on, stepped up and gotten “his hands dirty,” wiped my tears – sad ones and celebratory, and encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t I couldn’t go on.

He really is my best friend.

So now you have my secret as to how I do it all.

Who helps you, supports you, and allows you to be the person you are?


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