Fandango! You Heard it Here First!

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from my social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #sm379 and @ginaluttrell.

By Lauren Bronson

For all you movie buffs out there… may I present to you… Fandango! is a great, fast and easy way to buy advanced movie tickets online. If you are a studio or a filmmaker or working for a company that has to do with movie making of some kind, Fandango is an excellent resource to mass advertise your product (movie).  Fandango offers behind the scene footage and special features on certain movies that normally you wouldn’t get to see until the movie came out on DVD. There are exclusive interviews with the directors, cast members and trailers for upcoming films! It also has some web-based games involving different movies.

Fandango’s website is always advertising both mainstream and independent movies which are great for publicity. Fandango also teams up with specific movie theatres around the country that offer special coupons on tickets and concessions if bought through Fandango which is great marketing. Who doesn’t want free popcorn?!

My favorite aspect of the site is the “What’s the Buzz” that’s listed alongside each movie. It’s a place where people have voted on their opinion of the movie. Each film displays a percentage of the people who voted “Go” (see the movie), “So-So” and “No”. What I really think is unique to Fandango is that it divides what the “Fans Think” and what “Critics Think” so that between all of those opinions you can choose for yourself if you want to spend the money and time to see that specific movie!

Pros: Fellas… it will make you look really good on a date. If you are taking a girl out to a movie and you show up with the tickets already bought and in hand, you’ll come across oh so suave. Girls like it when you show that you put thought into something (even something as simple as going to the movies).  Just sayin’.

Let’s you skip the long lines that are common at the ticket counter on Friday and Saturday nights, or night’s when a big movie is premiering. They have a mobile app! This makes it super convenient to look up locations of nearby movie theatre’s and a faster way to know when the movie you are interested in is playing.

Fast and honest reviews from both the general public and critics. Special features and inside looks on movies that aren’t even released yet!

Cons: It seems to have been much more popular in California. Almost everyone I knew used it and it was the only way we bought our movie tickets. Whereas very few people I’ve met in Michigan use it or have heard of it.

You do have to pay a service fee when buying the tickets online, but it’s only $1.00. That extra dollar might be worth it in order to risk a sold out movie, or having to wait in long lines on a Friday night.

So all in all I think Fandango is a fantastic tool if you are a movie fan. Even if you don’t choose to actually buy the tickets off of their website, simply downloading their free app or visiting their website to look up nearby theatres and the times the movie you are interested in is showing is absolutely worth it!

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