Vine- You Heard it Here First!

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from my social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #sm379 and @ginaluttrell.

You Heard it Here first: Vine

By Chelsea Hancock

 When YouTube first came out, it gave the public leeway to create videos that expressed themselves. However, if videos had a 6 second limit, do you think videos would be easier, more creative, or even more popular? Vine is a new app for the iPhone and even has been adapted for some other smartphones. Vine allows for users to take 6 second loop videos about anything.

Twitter owns Vine and started this loop video phenomenon. Instagram shortly added a video option for their users after Vine.  With users having only 6 second to create a video, more creativity is expressed in their videos. The below video shows 77 of the best Vine videos from June 2013.

Not only is Vine open to public use, but companies can just as easily use Vine to promote a product and/or create a video that connects them to their consumers. Vine has many pros and cons. Some of these include:


  1. 1.     It’s easy to use: the best delling point of Vine is that its easy to operate and even when you are just downloading it, it takes seconds to learn how to use it. The beginning tutorial is 30 seconds in length and creating videos just takes the touch of a finger, literally.
  2. 2.     Vine promotes creativity versus production: With users only having 6 seconds to make videos and post-production not exisiting on the app, the time limit forces users or brands to tell their story in a creative and concise manner. Vine’s time limitation also helps in promoting the app because the average attention span of an adult is seven seconds.
  3. 3.     You can post these videos on Facebook, Twitter, webistes and other social media: These abilities offer brands the opportunity to extend their reach to a larger audience and integrate marketing efforts over several platforms.


  1. 1.     Vine’s time restriction challenges marketers: Marketers can pair YouTube videos with video ads and/or banner ad overlays, but how do you fit an ad into a six-second video?
  2. 2.     Vine is limited in platforms: Vine is limited to mobile, particularly iOS. This ostracizes brands’ customers and potential customers that do not have iOS.

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