Magisto – You Heard it Here First!

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from my social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #sm379 and @ginaluttrell.

Allow Me to Introduce: Magisto

By Laura Jackson

Source: Mommy Enterprises

Source: Mommy Enterprises

Magisto is my new favorite app when it comes to getting creative with my pictures and videos. I got this about 3 months ago and can’t stop using it. To sum it up, you can create unique and one of a kind videos using your camera roll on your phone or computer that includes a “theme” along with a song from either Magisto’s playlist that’s provided or your very own playlist. Magisto is available online at or on an Android or iPhone. I find this app and website useful for creating video clips of some of my fondest memories that I can send to my family, friends, or just keep to myself. You are able to keep your Magisto videos “private” or “public” and also to sort them into different albums based on what you title them. Magisto is not a free app, besides for the first free video you’re able to create (you’ll get addicted and want to pay for the premium membership, that’s what happened to me.) A monthly premium membership goes at a rate of $4.99, which means you can have up to 25 videos totaling up to 25 minutes and 20 photos, at 2.5 minutes each. A yearly membership goes at a rate of $17.99, which means you can have an unlimited number of videos at 2.5 minutes each. This app and website is super fun and easy and although it does cost money, I think it’s totally worth it! What a great way to save memories!:)

Here is a recent video I made from my summer in California:


  • Easy and super fun
  • They email you when your video is finished
  • Makes great “gifts for friends or family
  • Able to share to Facebook, Instagram, and Google+
  • Between the theme, song, and the title you give the video, it’s very personalized


  • $$
  • Takes 5-10 minutes to load (I know that’s not very long, but it seems like an eternity.)
  • Occasionally it cuts pictures off
  • No certain order of videos and pictures
  • Can’t go back and edit it; once you hit “Make My Movie!” it’s final

Want to make a fun video of the getaway you just went on? Here are the Steps:

Step 1: Click the Magisto app and Press “create”

Step 2: Select “Choose from camera roll”

Step 3: Pick up to two and a half minutes of clips and pictures

Step 4: Choose the theme

Step 5: Choose the song whether on your phone, on you tube or from Magisto’s playlist

Step 6: Add a title if you wish and then click “Make My Movie!”

…Takes up to 5-10 minutes to load video. You will then receive an email that your movie is done.


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