Circle – You Heard it Here First!

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from my social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #sm379 and @ginaluttrell.


by Shelby Lane

  Circle is an Android/Iphone app that allows you to connect locally. Circle offers updates on news, weather, events and people in your area. It even gives you a calculation of how far that update is from you.

All you have to do is log on and Circle automatically detects your current location and you get updates from people and news outlets in that area. You don’t even have to be friends with the ones who update the statuses.

This app is great for people who are new to the area and are looking for something to do. I am new to the Ypsilanti and this app has helped me out a lot with meeting new people. It also helped me find a Pilates studio.

Creating a profile is easy you can login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn accounts. I chose to log in with my Facebook. Once I logged in a lot of my profile was already filled out and my picture was the one from my Facebook. Rather convenient really. Obviously, if you choose not to link up the pages you would fill everything out manually. The profile information is the same as if you were looking at a Facebook page. It includes relationship status, birthday, job info, etc. Also, when I logged on the app was still fairly new so the creator sent out what I assume to be a computerized email saying “welcome… now please rate my app.”

Once you are all setup if you go to the newsfeed there is a little status posted saying that you’re a new member for all the Circle users to see. If you scroll down you can see status updates of all the people in your area and what is going on. Some of these statuses are posts about piano lessons or about the Lions game. There is everything. It is sort of like Craigslist and Facebook had a baby.

When you make your own post you can filter it by a specific category. Those are: news, event, question, and general. You can see top local posts or most recent. You can also send messages to fellow users. Overall, the app is pretty cool to use.


  • No friendships required
  • Easy to use
  • You can link accounts
  • All the information your receive is based on your current location
  • Not exclusive to a carrier
  • You can filter out the statuses you make


  • You can’t filter out statuses to those you want to see only.
  • Iphone/Android only, no computer access
  • Circle Karma: Not really a con but I have no idea what it is.

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