Pocket – You Heard it Here First!

Editor’s note: This blog is part of a series of guest posts from my social media students at Eastern Michigan University. Follow the conversations at #sm379 and @ginaluttrell.

By Darius Osborne

There are plenty of times when I go on the web and search for stories, news articles and even photos that I liked but will lose them as soon as I log off the computer. This can be upsetting and annoying especially if the links or photos are for a future paper or blog that I was interested in writing about. The Back arrows only works if the tabs are still open so this also may be a lost cause.

I found that there is actually a solution to this problem other than using the “Favorites” option of saving items. Pocket is an app where you can find something on the web you like and can view it later by placing it into Pocket.

Source: Fastr Blog

Source: Fastr Blog

It automatically syncs to your phone, computer and tablet so you can view it at any time even without internet connection. Use Pocket when you discover an interesting article, video or web page, but don’t have time to view it. Once it’s in Pocket, it’s on your phone, tablet or computer. You can read an article during a flight, see a web page while you wait in line or watch a video while relaxing at home. Again there doesn’t have to be ANY internet connection which makes it most convenient when you are in an area without WIFI or the internet is running super slow.

How to use Pocket:

First you would go to the website  on your desktop computer or get the Pocket app with Android or IOS device.

From there, they will ask you to set an account with a user name, email address and password.

To email items to Pocket, you simply just email the link to add@getpocket.com.

If you downloaded the app but also want to save content on your desktop computer, Pocket will send you an email with a link with instructions on installment.

They also have a support site help.getpocket.com if you are having any difficulties with your installation.

Save pages to your list as you browse the mobile Safari by installing the Pocket Bookmarklet.

Also you can  save from pretty much any app and you would just look for the share button and email the link to Pocket.

This application would be very beneficial to those in the PR, Social Media, Marketing and Advertising field because these are fields that consist of the use of constant technology usage.

With the constant usage, there are Press Release Documents, Newsletter write ups and even important images that these practitioners may want to use for a project and with Pocket its a very convenient way to save work.


  • You can save material and links from over 300 apps.
  •  Can save tweets with links to your list
  •  Very organized
  • Has a nice clean look
  • Works with devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad, Kobo eReader and desktop


  •   Only works with select devices
  •    A bit complicated to set up at first
  •    A lot of instructions

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