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PRogressSU was a one-night panel discussion spotlighting local women in public relations, with a special focus on diversity and inclusion. The event was meant to address several systemic inequalities in the public relations workforce. The panel discussed the experiences of women of various races, ages, and backgrounds in public relations and also brainstormed various solutions to fix equality issues within the field. This event and the subsequent case study was researched, planned, and executed by three of my graduate students, Katherine Arts, John Boudreau, and Haley Filippone. Download the case study: PRogressSU_final



Rachel Cocca-Dott

In this case study, Rachel Cocca-Dott from the nationally recognized Coccadotts Cake Shop sits down with me for an interview about her businesses social strategy and giving back to the community. Learn more: Coccadotts








  One thought on “Case Studies

  1. August 24, 2014 at 3:35 pm

    Gina I would just like to say that you really used my case study (Day of Silence) in a great way and I approve. That being said for the future I would be honored to write more case studies and be a part of whatever projects you have. I look forward to this coming fall for the work we will accomplish.

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