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News Flash: Life’s NOT centered on Finding a Man!

Brands goof up. All. The. Time. This snafu by sleep-aid made me do a “palm to forehead.” Feels a little 1950s to you too? Well, you’re not alone. I felt this way as did many of the brands followers. My personal fav: And this one: While ZzzQuil took the tweet down (but as you can see it’s clearly still out…

PR Writing Post 10

Reflect upon the semester and your growth as a PR writer. Read your response from Post 1. Have you changed? In what way? What did you take away from the class? What techniques will you bring with you as you continue on your educational journey into a career?

PR Writing Post 9

Oracle Corporation, for many years, has published a monthly employee magazine that has won numerous awards as an outstanding publication that effectively communicates the company’s philosophy and emphasis on building good customer relationships. Management, however, is now wondering if the print version should be discontinued in favor of an online publication. As editor of the publication, you strongly feel that…

PR Writing Post 7

Imagine your public relations firm handles the Ford Focus. What television entertainment programs might be good outlets for product placements in the show? Name some popular shows and suggest how the Focus could be portrayed. Cite the text to support your reasoning.

PR Writing Post 6

There are two parts to this week’s response. 1. Nike, Inc., has just introduced a new running shoe that collects energy released by each step and returns some of it to the wearer. These “high-tech” shoes, made with polyurethane and having compressed air sandwiched in the sole, represent a new “biomechanical design.” Using what you learned in chapter 7 think…

PR Writing Post 4

Can’t we all just get along? While this video is funny, what does it say about our profession? What is your perception of the relationship between PR professionals and bloggers? PR professionals and journalists? PR professionals and marketing professionals? Evaluate these relationships from a historical standpoint and how you see these relationships today. Cite your text book!

Week 9

You’ve made it!!! Yippee! Hip, hip, hooray! Last PR Writing blog of the semester!   The “Got Milk” ad campaign using celebrity endorsers has generated quite a bit of awareness and media coverage over the years. Do you think the campaign has been successful in increasing the consumption of milk, or is it a case of where everyone enjoys the…