The “Thank You” note debate…

Recently I took part in Twitter Chat about interviews – questions asked, protocol, procedures, how to prepare – you know all the typical questions that are asked at an event surrounding interviews.

One of the last questions that came up had to do with the Thank You message.

Should one email the message? Mail it? Email? Mail? Email? Mail? – AHHHHH which is it? Both? None?

For the record, I want to you know I believe that Thank You messages are essential. However I don’t think a handwritten thank you gives you a better chance at getting the job.

In my opinion the handwritten thank you is limited. What could you possibly say other than something along these lines:

“Dear Ms. X, I want to thank you for taking time of your busy day to discuss the open position of YZ. I believe I have much to add to your team and look forward to the next step in the interview process.

Suzie Q. Noname”

Much beyond that you may as well type a letter. And if you do that, then you may as send them your resume again – oh wait, you’re beyond that point.

Besides, in the three days it will take to get this meaningless note to the prospective interviewer, your competition has already emailed them a comprehensive message with links and samples.

Three points as to why I believe email Thank You messages are better than handwritten notes:

  1. It’s instant: In today’s competitive job market you need to illustrate you are THE person for the job. Snail-mail takes too long. I personally wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity on a great job by waiting the three days for the lovely handwritten to reach my potential employer.
  2. It’s comprehensive: in an email TY note it’s easy to reference specific points form the conversation you had with the interviewer. Build on a topic that you spoke about or highlight one that you didn’t get the opportunity to talk about.
  3. It’s interactive: Include samples of your work and links to your personal online resume.

Remember too, that for every person you meet with you need to write SEPARATE Thank You messages. Yes – FOR EACH PERSON.

Oh, AND, they should all be personalized messages. Not generic one’s that you’ve found while searching Google.

Well, that’s my 2 cents!


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