Help a Student Achieve a Dream and help Raise Awareness about Bullying

Sometimes you just have to help and give back. This is one of those times!

At my Alma Mater, The College St. Rose, there is a student, John Lyden, that has been working on a film to raise awareness and sensitivity about the need for interfaith dialogue, and about the impact of harassment and bullying due to religious differences.

He was inspired to make this film by his meeting a young Muslim man who shared his story of enduring harassment in school and his subsequent finding his voice through an interfaith community committed to dialogue.

His film is called “Stepping Toward the Lion.”  The interfaith community of which he is a part has coordinated a fundraising project to help support him in continuing the production of this film.  There is a deadline of Dec. 31st for this wave of fundraising support.  If you be willing to help out or at least interested in seeing a trailer for the film the information is below.

Here are the details if this is something in which you would like to participate.


Only $482 left to raise by December 31st. We must reach our goal in order to receive any of the donations that have been pledged.

This is a tax deductible donation (for 2013) that you can make securely through Amazon. Just follow the directions below.

First read about the film or watch the 2 minute trailor Stepping Toward the Lion.

When you are ready to give find the green rectangle on the right side of the page that says “Back this Project”, and click on that.

From there it will instruct you on how to go about signing onto and entering your pledge.

**Important Note:  Your pledge is only a pledge for now…no cards will be charged unless we reach our goal by the end of December. If we haven’t enough pledges by then, we will not get any donations, and your card will not be charged.

Let’s all help spread this message of hope.

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