Summer Vacation – What Are Your Plans?

As another end of an academic year came to a close I began to plan out my summer. I knew I had the Summer VacationAAUP 2013 Annual Conference on the docket since I’m presenting my research “Cracking the Neomillennial Learning Code: Teaching in the 21st Century.” I figured the family and I would tour Washington, DC a little. Perhaps take in a few of the museums, tour our Nation’s Capitol and see some friends.

Beyond that though, I thought I’d just relax in the comforts of my backyard.

Little did I know one email would change my summer plans. It went exactly like this:

“Just a quick note to let you know your proposal was approved in our Editorial Board meeting this afternoon. I’ll get a contract to you before the end of this week.”

And just like that my summer plans were set for me.

I’m going to write a text-book on social media. In addition to the traditional printed book, there will be an e-book edition and an ancillary website with videos, case studies, podcasts and more.

I’m excited beyond belief. I’m terrified too. That’s natural though, right?. My plan is take everything in stride.

I’ve worked hard for a very long time and, right now, I can say that all my dreams have really come to fruition. Both personally and professionally. I really believe that if you “put things out to the universe” the universe answers. (Well, that and like I said, hard work!!!) Things don’t happen just because. They happen because you make them happen.

My hope is to use my blog, along with some of my other social networking sites, to chronicle my journey. Don’t be surprised to see some photos pop up on Twitter or a short Vine video every now and then. Maybe I’ll even create a Pinterest page… who knows? The idea for me is that I want to remember this journey and share it with my friends, family, colleagues and whoever wants to read about it.

So what are your plans this summer?

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