Resume Tips from a PR Professor

Here is a great piece I wrote for the EMU PRSSA blog. I offer solid advice for creating that first resume.


As a professor I am consistently asked by students to review their resume; either for internships or jobs and here are some of the common errors I find:

  • Typos! Misspelled words, typos, grammatical errors, and improper use of “there, their, they’re” are just some of the repeated mistakes that come across my desk. I spent more than a decade in the communications industry before becoming a professor. In my time I hired many interns and staff members. Resumes with apparent errors like these would have ended up in the “circular file.” (In case you don’t know that’s the recycle bin.)
  • Length: The resumes I see do not warrant a resume longer than one page. After establishing yourself in a field it is possible to move on to more pages. However, anything longer than one page is too long for a student.
  • Length: (yup, I listed this again

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