Doubling Down: 280 Characters

jack tweet

This week, Twitter, chose to double the character limit from 140 to 280. Personally, a sad day for me.

140 characters are one of the most redeeming qualities of twitter. It’s what distinguishes the platform from other social networking sites.

140 characters make you truly think about what you want to write. Yes, editing yourself is a good thing.

140 characters inspire creativity. In PR writing we stress brevity and clarity.

It appears the Twitterverse wasn’t overly happy.


Some were funny…

twitter 7

twitter 5

Others chose the opportunity to tweet about real changes they want to see…

twitter 6

I even had a few things to say…

tweet 3

tweet 4

CEO @jack doesn’t really care what we think though.

According to Edgar AlvarezCEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that he expected all the “snark and critique” for this experiment. “Comes with the job,” he said. “What matters now is we clearly show why this change is important, and prove to you all it’s better. Give us some time to learn and confirm (or challenge!) our ideas.” The good news is that, if you’re one of the people who isn’t into the feature, there’s still a chance Twitter could change its mind on the “new, still brief, constraint.”

I’m not holding my breath.

Share with me, do you like the #280character limit?

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