Social Media and Society

An Introduction to the Mass Media Landscape

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my most recent book!

Dr. Adrienne A. Wallace and I present an engaging introduction of social media’s integration with modern society. Recognizing categories of relational, societal, and self while analyzing the social media environment, this introductory mass communications textbook establishes a framework for understanding how technology, culture, democracy, economy, and audience fragmentation interact with each media industry differently and relate to media literacy. Armed with this knowledge, future professional communicators gain a better understanding of their audience and the level to which their strategies influence the public.

Social Media and Society empowers students as consumers and creators of social media and illustrates that, while the tools of communication have changed, the goals of social connection and influence have not. Features of this unique text include the following:

  • Relational/Societal/Self boxes provide a framework for analysis of media and society
  • In Theory boxes attaching theory to practice
  • Learning tools and enhanced pedagogy, such as Learning Objectives, Chapter Wrap-Up; Critical Thinking Questions, Media Sources, and End of Chapter Activities
  • Comprehensive Glossary of key terms
  • Full-color visuals capturing key trends and up-to-date data

Social Media and Society: An Introduction to the Mass Media Landscape advances our understanding of social media communication through its application to health care and the Covid-19 pandemic. This comprehensive introduction to social media will be a useful guide for students and social media managers.
— Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, Peter Kiewit Distinguished Professor of Communication, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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