On the road…

yellow-flowers-along-the-road_00450563Well, everything is all set and I’m headin’ on out and leaving my computer behind for a couple of weeks. Soon I’ll be on the road  traveling around the Eastern portion of the US interviewing and shooting video for the book and the website. (Keep and eye out for some cool Tweets and photos when I’m out and about!)

I’m pretty excited about this adventure. I’ve decided to make it a family affair bringing my children with me. In my acknowledgements of my dissertation I wrote:

I dedicate my doctoral degree: although you are young,
your support through Mommy’s process has been nothing less than selfless. Many
weekends, evening, and summer days I missed to conduct this research. I hope
that I have paved the way for you though, so you understand that there is
nothing you cannot accomplish. I love you both dearly.

As a family we sacrificed so much for me. Long hours in front of my computer with research journals, books and paper scattered about. My time and attention focused not on them, but my work.

This book deal came so soon after completing my degree that once again I’m back behind the computer screen writing, writing, writing.

This time though when fun, cool stuff happens – like being on the set while shooting videos or traveling from one state to the next – the family gets to join me. I can’t wait to experience this through their eyes. My children learned to create reports in Keynote this year so they have decided to chronicle their experiences and develop a presentation about what they see, hear, and experience. I am looking forward to the end result. Maybe I’ll share those with you. Just maybe…

For now though, back to writing, writing, writing!

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