Go Big or Go Home

When I moved to Michigan a couple of years ago I had never heard of the card game Euchre. Last year my friend invited me to her annual Halloween euchre tournament. That meant I had to learn how to play. WOW all the ins and outs and phrases and tricks in one card game!

I could barely remember a right bower from a left or when to “go it alone,” but the one piece of advice she gave and I didn’t forget was – “when in doubt: go big or go home.”

I think that’s how I approach life. Basically, give it your all or don’t show up. I never half-heartedly go into any endeavor. Doing so will only shortchange my personal expectations and disappoint.

With my book, I decided that I wanted to include videos. As a professor I’m continually looking for videos that will compliment my lessons. I scour Youtube, vimeo and professional websites that contain videos that may just work with what I want to illustrate in class.

When I taught Contemporary Advertising I adopted the text-book Advertising by Sandra Moriarty, Nancy Mitchell, and William D. Wells. This was an amazing book for so many reasons, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the CD that came with it. Videos that were specific to lessons in the book! No scouring, no somewhat applicable videos, no inferring… none of that!

Thus my desire to include videos with my book. I have had so much fun shooting these videos too. Here a few images from my video making tour. I hope you enjoy them!

Ben and Kayla on set having fun!

Ben and Kayla on set having fun!

Here I am setting the shot up- what fun!!!

Here I am setting the shot up- what fun!!!

Me & the great folks at Overit Media smilin' for the camera.

Me & the great folks at Overit Media smilin’ for the camera.

So far this journey has been exciting each and every step of the way. I don’t take any of it for granted. Not one tiny piece of it. What I love is that I have been able to share it with my family and my online community.

I hope that with each endeavor you take on you will adopt the euchre attitude:

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