The North Face wants you to #SeeForYourself

As 2015 approaches its third week, we are starting to see some innovative public relations campaigns that focus on building a strong brand, but more importantly drive engagement, awareness, and social change among their consumers.

The North Face recently launched its largest campaign ever – “See for Yourself.”  Americans are challenged to re-imagine exploration by encouraging the next generation conservation leaders and outdoor stewards. In partnership with the U.S. Department of the Interior, The North Face is supporting an initiative from 21st Century Conservation Service Corps (21CSC) to protect, preserve, and celebrate public lands.

The North Face even donated $250,000 to 21CSC and the campaign, which features a new recording of Woody Guthrie’s iconic anthem This Land is Your Land by two-time Grammy nominee My Morning Jacket.

What’s more, for every download of the new song between now and January 18th, 2015, My Morning Jacket will donate all of its artist proceeds to the 21CSC. Collectively, the money raised will go to jobs for U.S. youth and returning veterans.

The three-month campaign features:

  • a North Face-sponsored #SeeForYourself hashtag
  • donations to a worthy cause
  • a New York City taxi that takes riders on daylong excursions to the state’s wildest places
  • a full-blown Selfie strategy: fans are encouraged to snap selfies at any one of the 50 most amazing places in the U.S. and share across social media.

Now that’s what I call I well thought out PR campaign!

What will you #SeeForYourself?

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