Dove wants you to #LoveYourCurls

Dove has done it again and created a fabulously empowering campaign – #loveyourcurls to illustrate how beautiful curly hair just is.

In a recent study of 859 women in the US, UK, and Brazil, Dove found that 10 percent of American women said they “feel proud” of their curly locks, and only one in 10 American girls with curls reported feeling that their curly hair was beautiful.

That’s why Dove launched their latest campaign – Love Your Curls. In a video for the campaign, Dove interviewed young girls to gain their reactions about their feeling toward their curly hair then organized a surprise to help change their minds.

According to the company’s press release “The Love Your Curls film draws on a selection of unique stories that powerfully illustrate the relationship young girls have with their curls. As little girls, many struggle to accept their curls and wish they could change their curly hair to straight. Ultimately, the film reveals that if women with curly hair begin to celebrate all the things they love about their curls, young girls will be inspired to do the same. In fact, Dove Hair found that little girls are seven times more likely to love their curls if people around them do.”

For more than a decade now, Dove has been committed to creating a world where beauty emanates from confidence, not anxiety.

Tell me, do you #loveyourcurls?

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