The One… The Only… Shingy

In my role at Newhouse I often get asked to do fun things. This week had to be, hands down, one of the best.

Let me tell you a little more…

Our director of events and alumni engagement, Amanda Griffin, offered me the opportunity to invite one of my favorite people to take part in our Leaders in Communications series.

I jumped at the chance.

I sat down for a chat with the one and only, ShingyTHE Digital Prophet! (There is only one in case you are wondering.)

If you aren’t familiar with him, well then, you’re missing out.

He has predicted some of the most impactful transformations in social and digital media. He has spearheaded efforts for brands such as Verizon and AOL and headlined at SxSW and TEDx.

In our conversation we discussed why communicators should stop using the term “storyteller,” the Fourth Industrial Revolution, true authenticity, Lil Nas X, why LEGO’s is one of the top brands in the market, what he loves about Instagram, and the only two emotions brands should care about.

Intrigued? You should be. If you have a little time, check out our conversation to see what’s next in the social sphere.

Shingy, The Digital Prophet

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