Channeling Your Inner Wonder Woman

Over the past few weeks I’ve had a number of conversations with some of my female friends and colleagues about being “enough,” doing “enough” and simply trying to measure up.

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Far too often, women have the terrible habit of undervaluing our accomplishments. I’m guilty of that myself. But, I try to stop myself because I’m raising two young women and the cycle of self-doubt has to stop. I want them to not only feel empowered but be empowered.

When I was a little girl I adored Wonder Woman. In fact, I still do. She first appeared in 1941 when there weren’t any female super heroes. So it should come as no surprise that she is the most popular female comic-book superhero of all time. [Fun fact – since her first appearance over seven decades ago, she’s never been out of print!]

Her creator, Dr. William Moulton Marston, meant for her to be the strongest, smartest, bravest woman the world had ever seen. Dr. Jill Lepore, Harvard University professor and author of The Secret History of Wonder Woman, writes “Wonder Woman isn’t only an Amazonian princess with badass boots. She’s the missing link in a chain of events that begins with the woman suffrage campaigns of the 1910s. Feminism made Wonder Woman. And then Wonder Woman remade feminism.

No wonder I love her so much!

I’m challenging you. Grab your Golden Lasso of Truth, put on your razor-sharp royal tiara, arm yourself with your Bracelets of Victory and channel the warrior within to learn a few lessons from the one and only Wonder Woman:

  1. Know Your Strengths: We are all talented in various ways. Be confident in yourself and champion what makes you unique.
  2. Tell the Truth: Wonder Woman was always speaking her truth. Knowing our own truth is just as important as seeking it from others. Truth gives us integrity and with that the ability to respect ourselves.
  3. Advocate: Be the torch-bearer for yourself and others. Often we have to be our own advocate. Speak up. Know your value. Appreciate what you have to offer. And when you have the ability, support others. Use your influence, expertise, and network to help others thrive. There is enough room for all of us women to succeed.
  4. Live Fearlessly: Opportunities make us live out of our comfort zones. When an opportunity arises that scares you, raise your hand, take the leap. By doing so we grow. We stretch ourselves.
  5. Appreciate Your Amazonian Tribe: We all have our own “tribe.” You know – the people that champion you, the people that support every endeavor you take. I could not accomplish a fraction of what I do without my tribe. For me that’s my husband, daughters, my mom, and my close friends (you know who you are!). Throughout the years my family has sacrificed so that I could thrive. My girlfriends and colleagues that say “yes” when I ask – well, quite frankly, I’m not sure where I’d be without them. Whoever is in your tribe, make sure you take the time to appreciate them.
  6. Embrace your Inner Goddess: Connect with your feminine energy. Embrace yourself as beautiful and sacred.

Wonder Woman shows the world that strong, powerful women can be the heroine of the story and can save the day all on our own. I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by real-life wonder women. From my mom, to my dearest friends, and especially my daughters.

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